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The Heroes of Hope™ Grey Ribbon Crusade joins organizations and individuals as one united force against brain tumors. The group provides support for those affected by the disease and serves as a hub, allowing people to gather information and share resources, while providing a vehicle for fundraising.
Who: The Heroes of Hope™ are those willing to be a part of a United Force Against Brain Tumors. This can be an individual, the general public, a business entity, or an existing charitable organization.
What:   The Heroes of Hope™ initiative seeks to create dynamic action in the drive for funding of brain tumor research through a synergistic approach. The program invites the general public and those in the brain tumor community to join the Grey Ribbon Crusade and become part of a united force against brain tumors to increase visibility through a strong national brand allowing the utilization of a combined scale of accomplishments and resources while preserving individual and organizational goals, without additional layers of financial commitment.
Where:   Join one of our existing charitable organizations, our online community or let us help you bring the Grey Ribbon Crusade to your town. We are seeking representation from all 50 states and abroad.
When:   We are starting this movement today! Now is the Time to Unite and Fight for a CURE!
  • Brain tumors are the leading cause of solid tumor death in children
  • Brain tumors are the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in men under the age of 39 and the 5th leading cause of cancer death in women under the age of 39. 20% of cancers will spread to the brain
  • Within the next 12 months, over 200,000 people in the U.S.A. will be diagnosed with a primary or metastatic brain tumor.
  • "Benign" brain tumors may be as debilitating as those that are malignant. Benign brain tumors may recur and may result in death.
  • Because of their location at the control center for thought, emotion and physical function, brain tumors are difficult to treat, and often severely compromise the quality of life.
  • The cure rate for most brain tumors is significantly lower than that for most other types of cancer.
  • Brain tumors do not discriminate. Currently, brain tumors cannot be prevented because their cause is still unknown.
  • Simply put, there is Strength in Numbers and by uniting under one common brand, we will garner the benefits of leverage, economies of scale, national presence and the ability to utilize the groups cumulative efforts as a selling point in our own individual efforts.

If you have your own, or are affiliated with a not for profit that currently raises awareness and funds for brain tumor research, you simply join the Grey Ribbon Crusade.

  • Become a member of the United Force Against Brain Tumors Yahoo Group to connect with others raising funds and awareness in the community. There is no fee.
  • Allow the Heroes of Hope Grey Ribbon Crusade to place your logo and link to your website on our new website (in the design phases now)
  • Agree to link this new site to your site
  • Allow the Heroes of Hope Grey Ribbon Crusade print material to include your logo
  • If you wish to utilize the print material, agree to split costs of printed materials (if there are any)
  • Place your fundraisers on the Heroes of Hope Grey Ribbon Crusade website
  • Place your organization's information on the website
  • Utilize the logo as often as you can in your events
  • Agree to grow with this us as a National Brand
  • Make a Donation
  • Wear your Grey Ribbon Crusade Ribbons to raise Awareness (you will receive them for joining)

If you do not currently have your own not for profit and are not currently affiliated with a group that raises awareness and funds for brain tumor research, choose one or more of the following:

  • Allow us to help bring the Grey Ribbon Crusade to your town, and help you upstart a fundraiser in your community. You will reap the benefit of having our support in many areas, including already existing fundraising programs, leverage with certain national sponsors, help in upstart, execution and follow up.
  • Become a National partner in the Grey Ribbon Crusade by becoming a primary sponsor of goods and services pertinent to the fundraising efforts of everyone involved
  • Become a National Sponsor
  • Become a sponsor on a local level
  • Agree to join as a representative of a State or Country
  • Make a Donation
  • Wear your Grey Ribbon Crusade Ribbons to raise Awareness (you will receive them for joining)
    Join Today and receive a FREE grey ribbon to raise awareness!